Outlaws & Inlaws. Commoners and pirates. Split, August 19-20

Now that copyfighters are no longer new kids on the block, the free software and free culture are here to stay and the piracy is not by any strength of corporate imagination be wished away, it’s time to take stock of different roads they have taken. Some have pursued strategies that innovated the legal means, others have taken to illegal means, both have sought to make sharing, remixing and collaboration work. Outlaws and inlaws. Commoners and pirates. This small uncoference will face off these two sides of free culture vs. piracy debate, trying to understand where each has proven over the last years to be a better strategy and at what cost, and where the future struggle and technological development are going to take us.

The uncoference Outlaws & Inlaws will take place alongside the next Split installment of Ništa se neće dogoditNothing Will Happen, a series of meetings of hackers from all over former Yugoslavia. They will be joined by Bodó Balázs, Erdgeist, Benjamin Mako Hill, Jan Gerber, Paul Keller, Sebastian Lütgert, Alan Toner, members of Slovenian and Serbian pirate parties, and some other as of yet uncofirmed guests.

If you wish to join the event, please get in touch with Marcell (ki.ber@kom.uni.st) or Tom (tom@mi2.hr).

Outlaws & Inlaws is organized by Multimedia Institute/MAMA, with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture.

Ništa se neće dogoditi is organized by Razmjena vjetšina/Skill sharing.

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