Nothing will happen in Rijeka Aug22-24

After years of August in Split we decided to try something different. Here we are: Rijeka, August 2014.

Our hosts are good friends from Drugo more and the place/address:

Galerija Drugo more, Korzo 28/I.

We expect at least half of the participants to be calmed down about the way how nothing happens. Because we did it many times. Saturday 11am we all sit in circle. (No hugs. Calm down. It’s not that bad.) And then we decide what will be the program. Half of the jokes are OK. Because we did it many times.

This year we will have few special guests.

As usual, there will be few people to talk on community driven free wireless networks, public library, collaborative book writing,  distributed computing, programming, hacking, politics, fun and profit. A lot of profit.

Joining nsnd mailing list is still the best way to get more info and in contact.

I tak. Ništa se neće dogoditi.


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